category: Tastes Great! Less Filling!

from: Mendoza, Argentina

grapes: malbec & pinot noir

[Scene: A weary adventurer sitting by a cozy fireplace, reflecting on a day of heroic battles]

Hero: After a hard day battling Mind Flayers and warding off the impending doom of the ‘Upside Down’, I reach for a glass of Alma Negra brut nature Rosé. Sure, it tastes great but I don’t need to be weighed down by something that’s too filling. After all, there are Demogorgons to battle. 

Voiceover: In a world where the line between reality and other dimensions is blurred, Alma Negra Brut Rosé will slake the thirst of the most intrepid adventurers. Our hero knows that Malbec brings depth to the blend with its dark fruit flavors and velvety texture, while Pinot Noir adds elegance, bright red fruit notes, and a touch of finesse. Go ahead and raise a glass–embrace the triumph, embrace the reward. Alma Negra: the perfect companion for your heroic journey. 

Alma Negra Brut Nature Rosé NV


Sold out.

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