From: Loire Valley, France

Category: Don’t Call It a Comeback!

grapes: sauvignon blanc

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the showdown of the vines! In the left corner, we have the reigning champion, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. And in the right corner, making a triumphant return, it’s the challenger, Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire. NZ Sauvignon Blanc, starts strong, delivering a barrage of passion fruit and grassy jabs, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. But wait, what’s this? The Loire contender gracefully sidesteps, showcasing a nimble ballet of crisp acidity and green apple precision. It counters with a floral uppercut and a touch of flinty minerality. As the match progresses, the Loire Sauvignon Blanc weaves through the ring with a combination of grace and complexity, earning the admiration of the crowd. In a surprising twist, the Loire Valley contender executes a perfect finish, leaving the Kiwi champion dazed. The referee counts down, and with the final bell, we have a new champion! The Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc reclaims the title, cinching the championship belt with a dazzling display of elegance and style. The crowd roars, celebrating the return of a classic!

2022 Gaspard Sauvignon Blanc

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