There’s a dark side to Christmastime celebrations in Eastern Europe that’s wildly different than anything we celebrate out here. In contrast to St. Nicholas (who rewards good children) is a hairy half-goat, who has one foot, one hoof, and a pointed tongue that lolls out of its mouth like a rabid Gene Simmons. This refugee from your worst nightmare is called Krampus. And unlike St. Nicholas, Krampus raids the rooms of bad children to whip them mercilessly, throw them in his bag, and drag them off to hell. Cheerful, right?  If that story leaves a bad taste in your mouth, cleanse your palate with this bright and playful wine from Croatia made from the Skrlet grape. Only a tiny handful of wineries currently produce Skrlet wines, as the variety is still struggling to recover from near extinction in the 20th century. Whether you’re trying to ward off Christmas demons or looking for a new shower wine, Voštinić-Klasnic has you covered with a superb specimen of Skrlet. 

2021 Vostinic-Klasnic Skrlet


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