2019 Apaltagua 'Envero' Gran Reserva


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Country: Chile
Region: Colchagua Valley
Style: Invasive Reds

For almost a hundred years, what was thought to be Chilean Merlot was actually Carménère. Lucky for us the winemakers in Chile were so hopped up on their own wine (can you blame them?!) that they didn’t notice; otherwise the Phylloxera plague that devastated the vineyards of Bordeaux would have driven this fun little grape to extinction. The Chileans, blissfully unaware that they weren’t cultivating Merlot, inadvertently assisted the flourishing of the Carménère grape in the Colchagua Valley. And once again Carménère lucked out because it actually thrived in its new warmer and drier climate. Hell, who says invasive species are all bad?

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