At the northwestern tip of Sicily, almost in front of Marsala, the sea forms a picturesque lagoon called Stagnone. The island of San Pantaleo, site of the Phoenician colony of Mozia, stands in the middle of the lagoon. Here the past and the present are united by two families, the Whitakers (classic Italian name, I know) and Tasca d’Almeritas. Posthumously, the Whitakers have dedicated their family legacy to the cultural preservation of Phoenician history in the region while the Tasca d’Almeritas carry on eight generations of Sicilian winemaking tradition. For Americans, wine is mostly thought of as a grocery or one of life’s delightful indulgences. In Italy, it’s an art form shaped by millennia. While the Whitaker Fondazione is mostly focused on preserving more traditional artifacts, a wine project was a natural fit. And what better grape than Grillo? A thick-skinned heat-resistant white grape, known primarily for its use in fortified Marsala wine production. Single-variety Grillo is growing in popularity all over the world due to its delightfully refreshing and lively style. Sicilian art in a glass!

2021 Tasca D’Almerita Fondazione Whitaker


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