Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon

My family likes to exchange Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve and then get together the next day for a sumptuous feast that has everyone buzzed, bloated, and blissed out while listening to Christmas music. Last year I gifted Uncle Luigi a couple of bottles of Montepeloso Alpha. Uncle Luigi REALLY likes wine. He especially LOVES Super Tuscans. Super Tuscans toss aside the rulebook, blending local Sangiovese with global superstars like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. They’re bold, complex, and redefine Tuscan wine with a rebellious spirit that grabs attention, turning tradition on its head and delighting wine dorks with their audacious flavors and exceptional quality. However, I was a little worried about how my gift would land because Uncle Luigi also got an adult Big Wheel for Christmas. All my concerns were swept aside when Uncle Luigi flew down the hill on his new Big Wheel like an overweight stuntman, executed a power slide that stopped short of running me over, and smiled at me with a purple ‘devil may care’ grin powered by the two now empty bottles of Montepeloso.

2020 Montepeloso ‘Alpha’


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