Category: Haha! You Thought I Was Cava!

From: Maule Valley, Chile

grapes: país
Well, well, well…look who thought they were sipping on Cava! Don’t worry my, dear friend, we won’t hold it against you. After all, this Chilean sparkler is made using the Méthode Champenoise the same labor intensive process used in Cava production (and Champagne). Hell, the producer, Miguel Torres is the Spaniard largely responsible for putting Cava on the map! The grape, País is a little troublemaker that’s been causing a ruckus in Chile for centuries, growing wherever it damn well pleases. This may not have the fancy pedigree that Cava or Champagne have, but who needs all that stuffy sophistication when you’ve got a grape that climbs trees like a gang of crazed monkeys. So go ahead, pour yourself a fizzy glass of this unruly grape variety, embrace the chaos, and toast each other for indulging in the wild and wonderful world of wine!

Miguel Torres Estelado Brut Rosé NV


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