grapes: zwiegelt
Legend has it, this bubbly gem inspired Meg Ryan’s iconic fake orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally.” According to rumors, Meg met winemaker Markus Huber at a Neil Diamond concert, where he had smuggled in a bottle of the Hugo Rosé in his lederhosen. Allegedly, as Neil crooned “Sweet Caroline,” Meg’s first sip prompted sounds of intense pleasure, not usually associated with grape juice. But was it the wine or Neil’s mesmerizing melody? Some mysteries are best left unsolved.  Regardless, this is a delightful creation born from the picturesque landscapes of the Huber Winery in Austria, steeped in 250 years of winemaking tradition. Crafted by the newest generation with a keen eye on modern tastes, Hugo is a playful blend of Zweigelt and Pinot Noir. The electricity that results from this varietal combo has not been seen since Billy Crystal wooed Meg Ryan on the silver screen. And their like shall never be seen again. Disclaimer: Liberties have been taken with this story, and no remorse has been felt. 

Markus Huber ‘Hugo’ Sparkling Rosé


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