Ggrapes: chenin blanc, chardonnay, cabernet franc

Last year, my know-it-all niece came home from college for the winter break. I love her but conversations with her were a tedious affair typically ending with her rolling her eyes and storming off in exasperated frustration. At one point my mom and I overheard a phone conversation she was having in hushed tones with one of her new friends from school: Returning home feels like stepping into an abyss of unsophisticated simplicity. I’m trying to enlighten my family on the finer points of life but they seem content in their ignorance of the world beyond our doorstep. So I gifted her a bottle of this gorgeous Crémant and proceeded to tell her, like I was talking to a young, wine drinking child that, “Crémants are made exactwy wike Champagne but come from diffewent wine wegions in Fwance and often showcase the gwapes that the wegion is known for. And anyone who knows anything about wine knows how supewlative the Cabewnet Fwanc and Chenin Blanc offewings are from the Loire.” She was predictably irritated.

J de Villebois Crèmant de Loire Brut


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