Country: Germany
Region: Mosel
Style: Who Doesn’t Love Sekts?

Bandying about wine terms with effortless ease can be quite liberating and impressive. Such is the case with ‘Sekt’. Sekt is simply the term used for sparkling wines from Germany and Austria. Recent changes in wine governance have spurred great progress for exceptional quality Sekt. Hild is the Pied Piper of this movement.  Hild operates out of the Upper Mosel where the winemaking culture is based on one of Europe’s oldest grapes: Elbling. With a fairly low sugar and alcohol content, Elbling was traditionally seen as the workingman’s wine. Times and tastes have changed and bright, tangy, low alcohol wines are becoming more popular which is right upon Elbling’s alley. Hild uses the traditional method to produce its Sekt (think Champagne) and take great care in every step of the process. Oh, and just think about how bad ass you’ll look when you casually mention to your friends that the best Sekts are made with Elbling. 

Hild Elbling Sekt


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