I remember watching the Netflix movie “My Octopus Teacher” a few years ago and all the feelings I felt as I luxuriated in the story: the cinematography that held me captive as the relationship between the diver and the octopus flourished; the fascination I felt while witnessing the extraordinary intelligence of this creature; and the tears I could not contain as this lovely story marched to its climax. Call me overly sentimental but, as I was drinking this red blend from Domaine Lafage the other day, my mind drifted to memories of this gorgeous film. The octopus’s ability to adapt and interact with its surroundings parallels Bastide Miraflors’s blend of peppery Syrah and red-fruited old-vine Grenache grapes, which come together to create a harmonious and complex flavor profile that reflects the unique characteristics of this sun-soaked vineyard along the Mediterranean coast. Oh, and how perfect a pairing this wine is with grilled octopus…

Domaine Lafage ‘Bastide Miraflors’

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