You probably have better things to do with your time then researching word origins, but not us! For example, the word “whiskey” can be traced back to the Gaelic word uisge beatha, which means “water of life. Perhaps ironic for anyone who may have overindulged and felt like death the morning after. Most folks rightfully assume that “Petite Sirah” is a smaller version of the more common “Syrah”. Lies! While related, there is nothing “petite” about the wines. They are absolute monsters. The reality is the marketing wizards of the 1800s realized the obscure French grape “Durif” just didn’t compel American consumers to spend their hared earned wages on this awkward sounding grape. So they cleverly rebranded by attaching the cute sounding “petite” to the name to the established and in-demand brand of “Syrah”. These now represent some of the most long-lived vines in California. This expression from Paso Robles in the Central Coast is classic Cali red wine at an insane value. Bold Napa Cab drinkers on a budget, you’re welcome.

2021 Brady Vineyard Petite Sirah


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