grapes: cortese
In a quaint Italian village nestled within the rolling hills of Gavi DOCG, there lived a man named Giovanni. He was infatuated—not with a person, but with a mysterious Piedmontese white wine, the Bava ‘Cor de Chasse’ Gavi. Its pale straw color and delicate aromas of white flowers and citrus had bewitched him. His obsession led him to explore the region’s geography and topography, learning of its limestone soils and cool climate, perfect for nurturing the Cortese grape. As his insatiable desire reached its peak, he scheduled a procedure to erase his memory of the wine. Before committing to forget, he felt compelled to learn more. Turns out the producer, the famiglia Bava, has grown grape vines in this territory since 1600, and in 1911, the family built their first cellar. Given the hundred plus vintages under their belt, it’s no wonder the wine is so magical. At the last minute, Giovanni decides not to move forward with the procedure. Some loves are too precious to forget, and he just couldn’t part with his beloved Gavi, opting to marry it instead. He lived out his final days in a Milanese asylum. 

2021 Bava ‘Cor de Chasse’ Gavi del Comuni di Gavi


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