Country: Austra
Region: Weinland
Style: Frankenstein Wine

This grape was created by a mad scientist on a dark and stormy night in Graz, Austria back in 1922. With feverish dreams of taking over the wine world, Professor Fritz Zweigelt experimented obsessively to create a new hybrid and thus sent many a grape to its ignominious doom. With lightning strikes in the distance sending thunderous booms that reverberated throughout his castle, Fritz finally combined a local grape called Blaufränkish and the bastard son of Pinot Noir, St. Laurent. Rubbing his hands in fiendish anticipation while waiting for the inevitable lighting strike to give life to this modern Prometheus, Fritz howled with maniacal laughter when his new grape was born. Villagers from the immediate area would talk about the cachinnations they heard during that storm for years after. When his laughter finally subsided and in a fit of hubris, Professor Fritz Zweigelt named his new grape ‘Zweigelt.’ It is now Austria’s most planted grape.

2022 Berger Zweigelt


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