Mmm…Soave. Soave (swah-vay) is an Italian white wine made of Garganega (“gar-GAN-nehgah”) grapes grown around the medieval village of Soave in Northern Italy. It’s known for its melon-and-orange-zest flavors as well as its ability to improve with age. And as good as this wine has become, it’s still very much undervalued compared to its quality. Naturally, when I think about Soave, I think of what it means to be “suave” and the type of human that embodies this trait. About six years ago I saw a photo of this Turkish dude salting steaks by cooking back his arm like it was a cobra about to strike and then daintily sprinkles salt that bounced off his forearm onto the waiting steak. Not bad. But in the same photo sits Leonardo DiCaprio, toothpick jauntily dangling from the side of his mouth and sitting there without a care in the world, watching the food showman trying to work his magic. There’s an effortlessness to Leo that’s captured in the photo and in Tamellini’s Soave. A wine that’s not over the top.. and doesn’t need to try too hard.  

2022 Tamellini Soave


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