Category: Close Encounters of Wine Kind

grapes: sangiovese, montepulciano

I know what I’m about to say is gonna sound preposterous, but every word of it is true. A few years ago, Uncle Luigi and I decided to go night fishing at a small, secluded lake. As we were drinking wine and baiting our hooks we started to feel a “current” flowing though us. Suddenly a bright light from above shone precisely on Uncle Luigi; whereupon he stood completely erect with the bottle of Santa Barbara Rosso Piceno we were drinking in one fist, a worm wriggling in his fingers of the other hand, and a slack, zoned out look on his face. Then Uncle Luigi, in a slow robotic tone said, “the red wines of the Marche showcase the region’s commitment to preserving its indigenous grape varieties. The diverse terroir, ranging from coastal areas to hills and mountains, contributes to the complexity and variety of wine produced here. Stefano Antonucci employs traditional winemaking techniques that highlight the purity of the Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes used.” Then the beam of light disappeared and Uncle Luigi, suddenly his crazy self, started chugging the wine straight from the bottle. 

2022 Santa Barbara Rosso Piceno DOC ‘Ste’


Sold out.

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