From: Burgundy, France

Category: Second Fiddle To No Grape!

grapes: aligotè

I was drinking this amazing Aligotè on a lazy afternoon last week and drifted off into a fantastical, wine-driven reverie that took place somewhere in Burgundy, France. The Chardonnay that Batman was pouring took center stage as the hero of the dinner party I was attending. Conversation was flowing, seafood was being eaten and we thought the good times would never end. But Batman screwed up. He didn’t bring enough bottles of Chardonnay and the party was threatening to disband. Then Robin showed up with a case of Aligotè, the almost forgotten second white grape variety of Burgundy. Its vibrant acidity with refreshing citrus flavors of lemon and green apple captivated all of us as Robin proceeded to entertain us with feats of agility that had Batman scowling with envy in a shadowy corner of the dining room. With Batman soon forgotten, we listened with bated breath as Robin went on to explain to us that only people “in the know” drink Aligotè. I emerged from my afternoon daydream thinking, “It’s true. Not all heroes wear capes.”

2022 Jean-Jacques Girard Aligotè


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