Region: Mosel, Germany

grapes: riesling

In my family, ‘Mom’ is the word for well-meaning Thanksgiving disaster. In the grand dance of fate, she inevitably sends herself into a manic frenzy while getting dinner ready. Take last Thanksgiving, for instance. As Mom embarked on her ambitious quest to conquer Thanksgiving dinner, chaos unfolded in the kitchen. First, the turkey slid off the counter and performed an impromptu jig, reminiscent of a drunken sailor, across the floor where my sister’s Doberman awaited with fiendish delight. In a heroic attempt to rescue the turkey, Mom slipped on a rogue potato, sending butter, gravy, and cranberry sauce flying like a swarm of angry wasps. By the time the smoke alarm mistook her yams for a five-alarm blaze, Mom realized that her kitchen resembled the aftermath of a food fight more than a Thanksgiving feast. So, as a ‘Wine-Doctor’ myself, I prescribed for her some of Dr. Hermann’s dry Riesling or, as I prefer to call it, ‘Dr. Herrmann’s Cooking Tonic and Restorative’ which almost immediately soothed her rattled psyche. Oh, and contrary to common wisdom, most Rieslings are quite dry and are the most versatile wines for pairing with almost any dish you can imagine. 

2022 Dr. Hermann Riesling QBA Trocken


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