From: Loire Valley, France

Category: Pink-ish?

grapes: pinot gris

Buckle up, listeners, for an otherworldly twist in this chilling mutant saga. As eerie mutations sweep across the globe, a vineyard steeped in secrecy emerges from Reuilly in the heart of the Loire Valley. At its center is a grape that lurks in the shadows…the mutant, Pinot Gris. This celestial evolution, born from the same cosmic forces that unleashed the infamous Pinot Noir onto the world eons ago, is shrouded in mystery. Its ghostly grayish-blue skin yields wines that bewitch the senses with extraterrestrial flavors: stone fruit kissed by starlight, with citrus notes shimmering like celestial orbs. Is this mutant-born rosé a key piece to unraveling the invasion that threatens our taste buds? Join us on this perilous wine journey as we delve into the seductive depths of the unknown and unlock the secrets of Pinot Gris or, as the Italians call it, Pinot Grigio. But beware…this is not just a taste of adventure but a fight for survival as we confront the terrifying allure of cheap beer and Fireball shots. So brace yourselves, my dear listeners, as new mutant grapes will excite your taste buds in the near future. 

2022 Domaine de Reuilly Pinot Gris Rose


Sold out.

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