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grapes: carignan / syrah / valdiguié / mourvedre / grenache

I love wine. And I love red wine. And I love the way wine makes me feel. And I love wines that use California’s best unsung grape varieties, such as Valdiguié. And I love wines that are made using spontaneous fermentation, which means only native yeast and bacteria that exist on the grapes are used to make the wine. And I love easy drinking red wines that you can crush like a hero while your friends enviously look on to see what all the excitement is about.  And I love feeling virtuous for drinking wines that don’t have anything added to them except for time and care. And I love drinking wine in the shower but I don’t love drinking red wines in the shower. But I love drinking this light red wine in the shower. I love love. And I love Broc Cellars because they make killer wines. Therefore, I love breaking out the “Love Red” at parties while my friends watch in envy as I heroically wax poetic about the virtues of California winemakers pushing the boundaries of what styles of wine pair best with a shower.

2022 Broc Cellars ‘Love Red’


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