category: Crank It Up To 11

from: Walker Bay, South Africa

grapes: chenin blanc

In the recesses of the unknown, the ethereal connection between ‘Stranger Things’ and South African Chenin Blanc beckons. As if summoned from the depths of a forgotten tome, the wine’s allure mirrors the enigmatic tapestry woven by the Upside Down. Prepare to descend into a realm of intrigue in the Bot River wine growing region in South Africa’s Western Cape, where the veil between reality and the supernatural grows tenuous. Within the heart of this strange elixir from Beaumont Family Wines, layers unfurl like ancient manuscripts dating back to 1996, their inaugural vintage. And like Eleven’s ability to manipulate the physical world around her, South African Chenin Blanc reconfigures your synapses into pleasure seeking pathways that compel you to take sip after sip and erase any thoughts about its RIght-side Up Mecca, France’s Loire Valley. Hail Chenin Blanc. Hail, South Africa. All hail, Beaumont Family Wines!

2022 Beaumont Chenin Blanc


Sold out.

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