• • REE-bolla JALL-ah. Ribolla Gialla is just so fun to say. REE-bolla JALL-ah. It’s really fun to smell and taste too. That’s why it rolls of the tongue so well. The grape is known for its aromatic prowess as well as its fun to say prowess. REE-bolla JALL-ah Also congratulations on the acceptance of your new Aroma Pronunciation Diploma! 
  • •Ribolla Gialla’s plantings date back to the 1200s in Italy before it was indigenous to Slovenia, which borders the region of Friuli.
  • •The winery was founded in 1967 and continues its tradition of no oak, no over-ripening, no maceration, no inoculation, and no oxidation. The no intervention creates simplicity through the grapes and the place resulting in a glass full of dense flavors from Friuli.

2022 Puiatti Ribolla Gialla Cantina


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