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grapes: aglianico

When we’re hosting a backyard barbecue there are two elements we count on to make it a success: plenty of Aglianico wine and Uncle Luigi. Aglianicos because they are known for strikingly savory flavors of leather, white pepper, black fruits and cured meat that end up being a benefit for high intensity food pairings. Because of the high acidity, Aglianico works wonderfully alongside Barbecue sauce. Also, High tannin wines like Aglianico beg for rich meats with high fat content (hello brisket!) to absorb the astringency. And then there’s Uncle Luigi. We love getting him hopped up on this stuff because he eagerly drinks it with reckless abandon which, in turn, transforms him into a purple-toothed party animal who provides hours of unpredictable entertainment for the grown-ups and hours of predictably crazy entertainment for the kids. And let’s face it, Uncle Luigi keeping the kids spellbound like a primitive tribe seeing a helicopter for the first time is priceless and terribly convenient. Oh, and we can’t help but love that Aglianicos hail from the lesser-known Campania region in southern Italy. Cin cin!

2021 Rocca del Principe Aglianico Irpinia DOC


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