category: Stranger Wines

from: Riverland, Australia

grapes: tempranillo, shiraz, lagrein, nero d’avola

In a realm consumed by darkness and uncertainty, a brave alliance of wine grapes emerged to defy the malevolent forces of the Upside Down. Lagrein, with its bold and intense nature, brought forth unwavering determination, piercing through the shadows with its robust flavors. Tempranillo, possessing balance and structure, stood firm as the foundation, orchestrating a harmonious resistance against the encroaching darkness. Shiraz, with its complex and savory character, unleashed waves of power, intertwining the supernatural and the earthly realms, unraveling the mysteries that bound them. And Nero d’Avola, with its playful aromatics, cast a brilliant light, illuminating the path towards salvation. Together, these formidable grape warriors united their unique strengths, wielding their flavors and complexities, to vanquish the forces of the Upside Down, restoring hope and triumph to the world they held dear.

2021 Ricca Terra ‘Bullets Before Cannonballs’


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