“…they never met poor Rudolf join in any reindeer games.” Hidden inside every great children’s story is a timeless life lesson. This gem is a hero’s tale that highlights the human need to conform and eventually, the freedom that comes with self-actualization. Without those daring enough to own their idiosyncrasies, we’d be in a dreary monochromatic version of 1984, with all the same tastes, beliefs, and ideas. I’ll take the Island of Misfit Toys any day over that dystopian nightmare! We’re witnessing this revolution taking place in the wine world with daring producers opting for stylistic rebellion over the conformity of just “red or white”. The Reversée by Populis is made using a technique the winemakers call the ‘reverse saignée’ (sounds fancy!)— they take a third of the grapes, press them to rosé juice and add that back to the tank in order to decrease the concentration and make a lighter, brighter style red. You could even say it glows…

2021 Populis ‘Reversee’


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