category: For The Donkey In All Of US

from: Toscana, Italy

grapes: Prugnolo Gentile, Merlot

“Asinone” translates literally to “donkey’s back”, derived from the shape of the vineyard in Montepulciano from where the Sangiovese (or Prugnolo Gentile) grapes of this wine is sourced.  Speaking of asses, Uncle Luigi, fueled by the light, fearlessly dives into the pool to partake in the epic battles of chicken fights that have erupted amidst the milieu of an otherwise average backyard bbq. With a mischievous glint in his eyes and wine stained lips, Uncle Luigi climbs onto the shoulders of an unsuspecting teenager who, until that point, was flirting with the neighbor’s son. Uncle Luigi’s laughter echoes across the yard as his bewildered and mildly panicked ‘steed’ wobbles under his weight. Despite it all, Uncle Luigi gracefully battles the other kids while simultaneously holding a glass of red wine that miraculously doesn’t spill. It’s as though the juice has some sort of mystical ability to restore balance and quiet the soul of even the most savage beasts.

2021 Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano


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