Throughout “Love, Actually” vibrant vignettes of Cupid’s shenanigans unfold, as the stories of love-smitten boys; secret admirers; philandering husbands; heartbroken authors; widowed fathers, and the Yuletide plight of a lovesick Prime Minister interweave, forming a magnificent panorama of love and its many guises. But, love is omnipotent, love is forever, and love is above all. Call us “Captain Obvious” for choosing Old Love to pair with “Love, Actually” and we won’t bat a lash. Pairing two grapes we absolutely adore, Riesling and Gewürtzrtraminer, Ovum winery has created a wine to…fall in love with. Gewürtztraminer is treasured for its intense floral aromas and subtle spice. Coupled with Riesling and made in a dry style that has wide appeal, this beautiful little cuveé will having you swooning like a love-drunk teenager again. So, as little Sam said it so eloquently in “Love, Actually”, “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

2021 Ovum Old Love


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