category: Chuggy Chug Chug

from: Swartland, South Africa

grapes: cinsault

A true hero’s journey, two exchange students set forth on a 20 hour bus ride along South Africa’s southern coast en route to the “wild coast”, a remote part of the country and famously the birthplace of Nelson Mandela. Along the way they met a wandering dog named Lubanzi, who joined them on their quest for 6 days and 100 miles, only to quietly vanish on the last day as though his work as a spiritual guide had ended. Feeling called to the land and the culture, the classmates moved to South Africa in 2016 and began their environmentally-conscious winemaking journey.  This gem is made from Cinsault, a variety on the rise, into a ridiculously hip Pet Nat (a very un-Champagne sparkling wine that isn’t overly fussy) that evokes thoughts of chugging a refreshing kombucha while laying out in the sun. Sourced from a single vineyard in Swartland, the ‘Rainboat’ is brand new to Texas and quite possibly our favorite wine of the summer.

2021 Lubanzi ‘Rainboat’ Pét Nat


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