If Nebbiolo were a person, it would be the Nicholas Cage – mysterious, captivating, and over the top. Guidobono is like the quirky indie director who brings the high-maintenance superstar grape to life. They’re all about the natural winemaking, letting the grapes do their thing with minimal intervention from chemicals or people for that matter. It’s like making a movie with no script – a bold move! Now, let’s talk terroir… This Nebbiolo grows up in the rolling hills of Piedmont in northern Italy. Climate? Think of it as the grape’s ideal spa day – warm days, cool nights, and those alpine breezes, giving the grapes a chance to ripen slowly and develop Cage-like complexity. And the geology? Well, the Langhe region is named for the Langhian Age of the Miocene Epoch consisting of limestone and sand marls. Piedmont has been in the wine game since Roman times, a real OG of Italian wine regions perfecting the art of winemaking like good ‘ole Nick perfects his eccentric roles. So, grab a glass and savor the Guidobono Nebbiolo – and prepare for an adventure as wild as Raising Arizona.

2021 Guidobono Langhe Nebbiolo


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