category: Slip ‘n’ Slide Warrior

from: Campania, Italy

grapes: falanghina

While the air is redolent with the vapors of burnt lighter fluid and the kids are picking on Uncle Luigi as he fitfully naps in the late afternoon sun, the abandoned Slip-N-Slide beckons to the adults as they drink this gorgeous wine made from he mystical talanghina grape. Hailing from the coast of Campania in Southern Italy, just north of Naples, its peachy, and almond-y flavors have a peculiar effect on the “grown-ups” as they clean up after the bbq. A mischievous spark ignites within them and before long chaos ensues when Francesca daringly takes the plunge. Emboldened by Francesca’s haphazard trip on the Slip-N-Slide, the rest of the “adults” follow suit all while gravity conspires against them. Arms flail, legs tangle, and shrieks of both delight and terror fill the air waking up Uncle Luigi and scaring the kids. Amidst the laughter and expletives, the Slip-N-Slide warriors emerge battered and bruised yet invigorated by their nostalgic slide down memory lane.

2021 Feudi de San Gregorio, Falanghina


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