category: Wines From The Outer Limits

from: Mendoza Argentina

grapes: bonarda

Submitted for your consideration: the enigmatic tale of the handsome Durigutti brothers’ Bonarda, the second most grown red grape variety in the ‘Upside Down.’ This captivating wine hails from Argentina, possessing an allure that transcends time and borders. It dwells within the shadows, often overshadowed by more illustrious counterparts like Malbec and Cabernet. But this particular Bonarda possesses the tension to embolden the most timid of warriors. Do not be deceived by its understated presence, for within lies something extraordinary. Like an unsolved riddle, Bonarda beckons adventurous souls to embrace the unknown and savor its peculiar charms. Just as the mystery of the ‘Upside Down’ unfolds, Bonarda emerges from obscurity, inviting the curious to unravel its secrets. The choice is yours, for other dimensions await those seeking the extraordinary within the ordinary. 

2021 Durigutti Bonarda

Sold out.

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