2021 Closilo Sandland Colombard


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Country: South Africa
Region: Robertson
Style: Shower Wine

Contrarians.  We all know one and if you don’t, it’s probably you.  They can be crazy-making with their incessant need to challenge conventional thinking, it’s these folks that really create progress.  And thank the stars above for unconventional winemakers!  We say this because Colombard has mostly been relegated to Brandy production and bulk wines in France; slaking the thirst of unsavory types and teenagers (is there a difference?) for decades now. But in the hands of intrepid New World winemakers, particularly those from South Africa, Colombard produces an easy drinking wine that Sauvignon Blanc enthusiasts drool over. We’re wild about Closilo’s Colombard at everywine. Hell, we’ll drink it anywhere and for any occasion. In fact, if we’re being really honest, this is our new shower wine…after all, only animals drink reds in the shower. 

Delivery: Your everywine bunch wines are delivered every third Saturday of the month between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

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