Region: Piedmont, Italy

grapes: ruchè

I like to invite friends over to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration who don’t have any family in town. Apart from getting to hang out with dear friends, they always provide a different facet to my family’s gatherings that can be unpredictable and a lot of fun. Case in point is my friend, Fugitt (his first name is Ryan but we like to call him by his last name.) He’s that guy who always knows the most obscure facts about any conversation you have with him, especially music. While elaborating on some VERY obscure hair-metal bands from the 80s, someone hands Ryan a glass of Bava Ruchè Di Castagnole Monferatto. He glances at the bottle and offers the following, “Dude! The Ruchè grape was on the verge of extinction until a new parish priest arrived in Castagnole in the late 1960s. I’m pretty sure his name was Giacomo Cauda; anyhow he completely revitalized this tiny wine region within Piedmont and is responsible for it having its own appellation! Ruchè’s the way to go!  Seriously, I’m so bored with Barolo and Barbaresco and Barbera!” Then he continued telling us, in detail, about Cirith Ungol’s best album, “Frost and Fire.”

2021 Bava Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato

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