Tilda Swinton is Hollywood’s most intoxicating weirdo. She looks like Bowie, she’s an accomplished gambler, she descends from one of the oldest families in Scotland, interviewers have to ask her questions via a note in a bottle or by carrier pigeon, she slept for a week in a glass box…in public… for art, and shes a chameleon of an actor who chooses the riskiest of roles. In fact, apart from her obvious “weirdness”, she is most well known for her versatility as a performer. So in the spirit of Tilda, we thought we’re introduce you to a somewhat strange and wonderfully versatile wine. Nerello Mascalese is indigenous to Sicily, specifically the Mount Etna region in the Northeast corner of the island. The unique microclimate and charred volcanic soil there imbues Nerello Mascalese with an ethereal quality and balanced structure that makes it a versatile partner for any occasion. Come, pour a glass of this Pinot Noir-like elixir and imagine you’re holding hands with Tilda while strolling along the caldera of an active volcano.

2021 Ayunta Nerello Mascalese Rosso


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