Country: Spain
Region: Pénedes
Style: Getariako Txakolina

This, quite possibly, is the FUNNEST wine on the planet. Perhaps we should back up to explain ourselves. Ameztoi produces amazing Txakolis (chalk-o-lees) made from two indigenous grapes from the Basque region of Spain: Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarabbi Beltza. All the locals will tell you that the best Txakolis have to have an amazing view of the ocean.  Ameztoi’s is planted on the picturesque dramatic sea-side cliffs of the ancient fishing village of Getaria. They’ll probably be telling you all this while pouring a sample of this slightly effervescent wine from a porron (which kind of looks like a wine bong) into a small glass held an arm’s length away; or directly into your mouth if a glass isn’t nearby. This stuff is simply chuggable. And just so you know, Ignacio Ameztoi is the fifth generation of his family to carry on the tradition of making Txakoli and has been spreading the fun like a slightly tipsy Basque version of Johnny Appleseed. Salud!

2021 Ameztoi Txakoli Rosé


Sold out.

Delivery: Your everywine bunch wines are delivered every third Saturday of the month between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

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