Arneis, an Italian grape with a rich history, once danced like an aging boy band on the edge of extinction. In the Piemonte region, its name means “little rascal” due to its challenging cultivation. Historically, it was often planted alongside Nebbiolo to attract pests, thanks to its early ripening and aromatic nature, drawing them away from the prize crop. By the 60s, it faced near extinction, as winemakers favored easier-to-grow varietals. But a few dedicated producers saw its potential. With meticulous care, they revived Arneis, unveiling its delicate notes of pear and white flowers. Today, it thrives as a shining star, crafting vibrant wines enjoyed all over the world. Not bad for almost fading quietly into quiet obscurity. Most Arneis is built for youthful drinking with freshness preserved through aging in stainless steel. This Ronchi Amphöris is a slight departure from the norm, aged in amphorae, the clay pots that were used for ancient winemaking . Unlike a wood barrel, it’s not adding any flavors to the wine, but unlike stainless steel, it is porous, allowing for the juice to breathe and develop.

2021 Ronchi Amphöris Bianco


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