song pairing: “stacy’s mom” – Fountains of Wayne

from: Manchuela, Spain 

grapes: bobal

There’s something about drinking old vine wine that whisks me away on a nostalgic journey to my youth. Just the other day I was sitting on the front porch, swatting flies, and drinking Bobal when images of my childhood crush flooded my mind. Perhaps it was the dark fruits of this obscure grape that reminded me of eating a blackberry fruit roll up while watching her do yard work. Or was it the soft tannins and velvety finish that had me closing my eyes while I imagined how soft her skin might be. The surprising lightness of this mesmerizing Bobal gently lifted me out of my intoxicating reverie while I poured another glass. The smell of grilling chicken drifted over to me; drawing me to the backyard where my better half was expertly tending the grill. We embraced and I whispered into her ear, “Bobal is the 3rd most grown grape in Spain and is often used as a blending partner for more well-known reds.” I’ll never forget the look of loving confusion in her eyes.

2020 Vega Tolosa ’11 Pinos’


Sold out.

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