Country: Greece
Region: Peloponnesos
Style: Wine for Comic-Cons

With France, Spain, Italy, and California dominating the wine world, many folks are pleasantly surprised to find out that Greece has a very robust wine scene. When you think about it it shouldn’t be surprising considering that the Ancient Greeks worshipped some dude named Dionysus who they believed was the god of wine (along with fruitfulness, vegetation, and ecstasy!)  Apart from a few international grape varieties, the Greeks are very keen on using the indigenous grapes they have at their disposal; namely Moscholfilero (moosh-ko-fee-lair-oh.) Grown in central Peloponnese in southern Greece, Moschofilero grapes produce intensely fragrant wines that, taken in sufficient quantities, will produce a headiness that can induce its drinker to canter about the forest like some dazed and confused satyr from Greek mythology. And if that’s not reason enough to dive in, please know that this wine is a brilliant companion for sea creatures!

2020 Skouras Moscofilero


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