Country: Israel
Region: Judean Hills
Style: Kosher AF

Wine has always been a part of Jewish tradition. The abundance of biblical winepresses discovered in present-day Shiloh attests to this, and is the root of our modern winery. Established in 2005, the winery overlooks the breathtaking Shiloh River and Samarian Hills.  Quality grapes and wine production have been associated with the Shiloh region for thousands of years.  Their logo, the bull is the symbol of the tribe of Joseph. With its strength and passion for leadership, as well as its humility and dedication to hard work, the bull represents an integral part of the essence of Joseph and Shiloh.  Fight the tendency to categorize wines with religious connections as being niche or for communion.  This is serious wine made by serious winemakers who take everything they do quite seriously.  

2020 Shiloh Privilege


Sold out.

Delivery: Your everywine bunch wines are delivered every third Saturday of the month between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

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