grapes: lemberger, regent, trollinger
Springtime is the perfect season to step outside your comfort coccoon and explore the weird and wacky world of wed wines from Germany. You might think Germany is all about sausages and beer (or Riesling and schnitzel), but their reds can be like a  game of “slap the bag” in your mouth. Using indigenous grape varieties such as Lemburger, Regent, and Trollinger to great effect, Weingut Roterfaden has produced a wine that’ll have you wondering why you ever let yourself settle into a 19 Crimes-swilling rut. And let’s not forget the added bonus of feeling like an eco-warrior while drinking. Roterfaden is so strict with their production methods that they make Greta Thunberg look like the personification of an oil spill. Their environmentally-friendly practices mean you can sip your wine with moral superiority and turn your nose up with your pinky as you drink.

2020 Roterfaden Terraces Vineyard Project 002


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