category: Weird & Wild

from: Swartland, South Africa

grapes: pinotage

Ok, guys.  Let’s cut to the quick. If you think the spelling of Pinotage looks familiar, you would be right. It’s a grape crossing of Cinsault and Pinot Noir that first appeared in 1925 and has been a polarizing grape ever since. What most winemakers didn’t realize was that Pinotage is a tricky wine to make well. So for over 75 years we were left with a wine that, on its best days, tasted like a cheap, peaty Scotch and like a used band-aid the rest of the week. Fortunately, since the turn of the century, a handful of very skilled winemakers have focused on reducing crop yields and the use of careful winemaking techniques to make otherworldly examples of this misunderstood grape variety. Painted Wolf, a conservationist family winery in the Coastal Region, takes inspiration from the social dynamics of a pack of African wild dogs. Since 2008, this project has raised $3,862,260 for African Wild Dog conservation. Saving the world has never been so delicious!

2021 Painted Wolf ‘The Den’ Pinotage


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