My dearest preconceived notions of Texas wine,

I must bid you adieu. Our relationship, fraught with disappointment and dissatisfaction, has reached its end. You tell me that Texas wines lack depth and character and that they leave you cold and unfulfilled. You throw down these accusations from the heavens like thunderbolts from some angry and melodramatic god. But as I gazed upon the vineyards of Texas I kept hearing your voice which made my heart beat with a sense of trepidation. What strange fruits could grow in such a harsh and desolate landscape?  And yet, as I sampled the wines born from this unforgiving earth, I felt a stirring within me that I had never before experienced. It was Marsanne that caught my eye, with its golden notes of ripe pear and honeysuckle. It was a wine that spoke of a place that was both harsh and beautiful, a wine that defied the very laws of nature. And so it was with that I left the Timmons Vineyard, my heart full of wonder and amazement. I had discovered something truly extraordinary and knew from that moment that I could never listen to you again.

2020 Lost Draw Cellars Timmons Vineyard Marsanne


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