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We’ve all been there. Paralyzed about what others think and thus not getting into whatever monkey-shines our child-like hearts desire. It’s spring now, so throw off the claustrophobic shackles of winter’s cold grip and shout “eff it!  I’m doing what I want!!”  And while you’re scorching the earth you should probably be knocking down glasses of La Miraja’s Barbera.   There really is no better wine to fuel mayhem. It’s bold, robust, and packed with flavor. Its brightness gives it a kick to help cut through the chaos of any crazy situation you find yourself in. This so-called ‘commoner wine’ from Piedmont, Italy loves to scandalize its more austere brethren in Barolo and Barbaresco with a versatility that shows no discretion at what you throw its way: whether it’s a quiet picnic or a rowdy night on the town. So whether you’re planning a night with your crew or stirring up trouble on your own, Barbera is the perfect wine to make sure you have a good time doing it.

2020 La Miraja ‘Le Masche’


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