My dear Cabernet Sauvignon,

You’ll always be my first.  And for good reason: You’re EVERYWHERE.  I think you’ve taken the whole world’s red wine virginity.  And make no mistake about it, in many cases you can be an absolute delight. But I feel like I’ve developed Stockholm syndrome and have become a prisoner of your big brother-like retail presence, following me wherever I go.  For a brief moment when you weren’t looking I got caught in the gaze of a stranger named Syrah and nervously snuck it in my cart.  As I arrived home, I carefully hid him away, but his siren song kept calling out to me and in a moment of weakness I wildly popped the cork.  Like you, he was bold and spicy, but a bit more wild and animalistic.  His name Klinker Brick Rolled off my tongue like broken German, but no matter. I was instantly his, never again a prisoner of your omnipresence. I bid you auf weidersehen..


2020 Klinker Brick Farrah Syrah


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Delivery: Your everywine bunch wines are delivered every third Saturday of the month between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

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