category: You Thought Sancerre Was White, You Racist!

from: Sancerre, France

grapes: pinot noir 

The thaw of winter is now complete. There’s almost nothing better to do than laze about the porch, sipping Sancerre while the sultry air creates tiny pearls of dew that bedazzle your glass. Drinking rosé is one of life’s simple pleasures that remind us to slo…wait! Rosé?!  I know what you’re thinking: “Sancerre?  That’s some fancy French white wine, isn’t it?”  Well, let me tell you, the French wine industry has a maddeningly byzantine set of regulations that renders even the most informed wine enthusiasts into bewildered scatterbrains. Put simply, Sancerre is a wine growing region in central France made famous by the ladies who lunch who love to say the word “Sancerre” almost as much as they love to drink it. The majority of Sancerre production is whites from Sauvy B, but they also grow a bit of Pinot Noir, which allows for red and Rosé as well!  April Fools!

2020 J. de Villebois Sancerre Rosé


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