song pairing: “islands in the stream”-dolly parton

from: Sierra Foothills, California

grapes: zinfandel, syrah

When discussing the all-time great duets in history, no conversation is complete without gushing about Dolly Parton’s and Kenny Roger’s hit “Islands in the Stream.” Written by the Bee Gees, and intended for Marvin Gaye, this collaboration almost didn’t happen. Kenny wasn’t exactly crazy about the song, but Dolly lived close to the studio and cheerfully agreed to record with him. She showed up in her unique fashion, and the two made musical history. Now when you bring two heavy-hitters like that together, you might expect the combo to be pretty intense. Fortunately, for all of us it was quite the delightful opposite. The same could be true of our expectations of a Zinfandel/Syrah blend, both known to make bold, intense reds. But just like Dolly and Kenny, the guys at La Clarine Farms showed discipline and restraint, picking the fruit early and concocting a light and juicy tonic, perfect for a sweltering afternoon in the Dirty H.

2020 Ecstatic Truth ‘Recliner’


Sold out.

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