Country: Greece
Region: Macedonia
Style: Greeced Lightning

The existence of wine and art is often intertwined.  Consider how much the label design factors in to wine shoppers decision-making.  The label has no flavor, yet it’s a primary consideration.  At the collector level, wine is traded and sought after like art, sold at auction and kept in special displays like memorabilia.  A label can communicate a vibe and I do think a vibe can impact the way you feel, which can impact the intention with which you taste.  And for that reason, I do think it’s important to like the labels of the wines that you purchase, not because it’s of consequence to the wine itself, but rather to the drinker.  The Bukéto wine series is produced in the northern part of Greece.  To me, the brand communicates a fresh and stylish philosophy and aims to attract open minded wine seekers that appreciate creativity.  They blend accessible, familiar international varieties with indigenous Grecian grapes to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

2020 Buketo Red Blend


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