Country: South Africa
Region: Walker Bay
Style: Scary Good Wine

You’d never know by looking at this charming family-run farm that it was the site of one of the most baffling hauntings in South Africa’s history.  The quaint surroundings of the Campagnets Drift Farm were the stomping grounds of a gray, old man who seemed to be trying to dig up something from the soil late at night when darkness ruled the landscape.  Oftentimes the previous owners would find a dirt encrusted English shilling that dated from 1743 at the foot of their door the next morning. No matter where they put it, the coin would go missing until the next sighting. The Beaumonts purchased the farm in 1974.  With the transfer of ownership, the supernatural occurrences seemed to just stop.  Perhaps it was all a lie to begin with.  Or maybe.  Just maybe.  All that supernatural old man energy is going into the grapes.  Since their first vintage was released in 1994, they’ve been churning out hauntingly delicious (and critically acclaimed) Chenin.

2020 Beaumont ‘Bot River’ Chenin Blanc


Sold out.

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