2020 Babylonstoren 'Babel'


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Country: South Africa
Region: Western Cape
Style: Heroic Reds

Not all heroes wear capes. And if you’re a wine lover, the heroism of Pieter van de Byl rivals that of the little Dutch boy who plugged a dike with his finger.  Babylonstoren’s life started in 1692 when this Dutch expat won land in a rigged game of cards with Governor Simon van der Stel and his lackeys.  Upon claiming the land, Pieter quickly established a wheat farm despite the constant harassment of the embittered Governor. However, Pieter soon discovered that the Governor had quite the “thirst” for wine and, being the clever man he was, took advantage of this knowledge by growing grapes, making wine, and keeping the Governor pickled to the end of his days. Today, Babylonstoren has created its own ecosystem with over 300 varieties of plants, a bee farm, a citrus orchard, and several vineyards that produce some gorgeous wines; truly a heroic endeavor in the spirit of Pieter van der Byl himself. 

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