grapes: cabernet sauvignon
For many, Cabernet is or was a trusted companion on their wine journey, given its the most planted wine grape variety in the world. Like learning arithmetic before tackling calculus, it’s foundational. But as enthusiasts opt to dive deep and explore esoteric grapes, Cabernet is often overlooked. Yet, it surprises with versatility. Like Bill Murray’s character in “Lost in Translation,” it can initially seem weathered and waining in relevance, but in the right hands can reveal youthful energy and personality, like anyone would after meeting Scarlet Johansson. Weinert’s Carrascal Cabernet, nurtured in the Andean altitude and limestone soils, embodies this duality—energetic yet complex. To skeptics, this Argentine gem offers a refreshing twist. For loyalists, it’s like visiting an old friend, refreshed after his life-changing Japanese holiday and at the top of his game.  So, for those who’ve set Cab aside, take a sip and rediscover its allure. After all, if something becomes outrageously popular, there tends to be a reason for it.

2020 Weinert ‘Carrascal’ Cabernet Sauvignon (Copy)


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